• Log in with the UN and Password that you have with Midas
  • Go to the Newsletter section and make sure you have email sends available.  If yes - continue.  If No, Click Here!
  • Go to Lists & Subscribers and add leads.  You can import them or copy and paste them.  You must have leads in the system before adding Templates (Email/Newsletters).  
  • Go to Templates and create the Email/Newsletter that you wish to send.
  • The Sender Email Address will always be your Midas Username @ (leave it that way or it will not send). Enter your real email address within the body of your message.
  • Once you have created your message and happy with it, test it.  For best results use the same email in both top and bottom TXT and HTML.  No thrills, just simple short and to the point.  Stay away from CAPS, they get caught in spam folders.
  • At the bottom press Create Template  You will then be taken to a "Your template was successfully created." page.  
  • Above this phrase you can test send the email by sending it to yourself.
  • Below that page, you can proof or edit it and to the right you can hover over the symbols and make a selection.  When you are satisfied with your message, go to the Newsletters tab and select the Template you wish to send, the group you wish to send to then press send.  Press send only once otherwise you will spend your email sends unnecessarily.
  • Information about your send is available at the bottom of the page.

    Happy Mailing
    Midas Support Team
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